Care and Maintenance of Cultured Marble

Proper care of your cultured marble surfaces will insure long-lasting beauty, elegance and function. Normal cleaning requires soap and a mild detergent.

Dow ® and Lysol ® bathroom cleaners work well. Other products may be used as well, but make sure to read the label to ensure the product is safe.

Do Not Use Scouring or Abrasive Cleaners. Repeated use will dull the surface finish!

Due to their non-porous nature, cultured marble products resist most stains. However, extended exposure to harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach should be avoided because they may cause discoloration. Products such as nail polish, polish remover, paint remover, etc. may cause permanent damage.

Occasional treatment with a high quality liquid or paste wax will renew the finish and prevent soap buildup. Avoid colored waxes. Gel Gloss cleaner and polish is designed for cultured marble products and is available at hardware stores and building supply stores.

Minor stains and scratches may be removed using 1200 grit wet sandpaper with a small sanding block followed by a good polish. Be cautious not to oversand through the gel coat, which will result in a permanent dull spot.

Avoid extended or frequent exposure to extremely high temperature water. Household hot water heaters should be set in the normal range of 120 degrees F. A separate cast iron or porcelain bowl will allow for a bowl change if it should become damaged.

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