TruStone ™

TruStone™ is the result of a unique process called Photofuzion™ by which images of real granite, stone or even custom patterns are combined with standard, white, cultured marble. Heat and pressure fuse the imagery into the surface of gel-coated cultured marble producing a product with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone - without the weight, porosity or finishing requirements - and at a significantly lower cost.

Cultured marble is designed specifically for the bathroom industry and is a time-tested and proven product. TruStone™ now adds new benefits to cultured marble products by offering a variety of realistic, beautiful, full-size images, available in sizes up to 5' x 8'. Like traditional cultured marble, TruStone™ products are impervious to mold, mildew, bacteria and water. TruStone™ can be fashioned into tub and shower stalls, tub decks, skirts, shower floors, shelves, countertops, splashes, sills and more. Now you can enjoy a bathroom with the beautiful look of full-slab stone, and the function and durability of cultured marble, all at a price you can afford with TruStone™

We are the TruStone™ dealer for Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley so please contact us for more information on this new, exciting product!